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Mabisa Solutions

Mabisa (ma·bi·sà, Filipino) means 'Effective.'


We at Mabisa Solutions aim to find effective solutions to different essential living and lifestyle issues thru sensible, high quality products. 

Mabisa Solutions  Diatomite MATS

Our first offering. 

Mabisa Solutions MATS are made from high quality Diatomite that is both comfortable and highly absorbent. Good for entrances, kitchens, bathrooms, offices and other high traffic areas to keep your surfaces free from moisture and debris. Always.


It is also effective as a dish drying mat, pet feeder mat, and as a plant coaster.

At 0.4 cm, it's thin and comfortable for the feet, but non-intrusive when placed in front of entrances. Dimensions of 19.69 x 31.50 in (50 x 80 cm) make it proportionate with standard door widths, bathroom spaces, standard and deep counter tops. Its color doesn't fade even with extensive use. 

Easy to clean. Rinse, hose or soak it down, then air dry. 

We can't wait for you to experience Mabisa Solutions MATS in your spaces. 


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